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Citing leBIBI-PPF

The paper describing PPF and its databases is in preparation. Please cite:
  • the URL of the website
  • the authors Jean-pierre Flandrois, Guy Perrière, Simon Penel, Bénédicte Lafay and Manolo Gouy

We are very grateful to Stéphane Delmotte for keeping the server up to date and functioning.

J.-P. Flandrois and G. Perrière designed PPF.

J.-P. Flandrois and M. Gouy wrote leBIBI-PPF database construction engine that relies on ClassAcnuc.
  1. Penel developed and maintains ACNUC version of the refseq rDNA database that was built specifically for this project.

Extensive testing (both technical and biological) was performed by B. Lafay, J.-P. Flandrois and G. Perrière.

The Documentation was written by J.-P. Flandrois and B. Lafay.

PPF tree editor builds upon Seaview software and M Gouy has made specific developments for PPF that are now incorporated into Seaview. The svg files tree modification scripts and interface were written by J.-P. Flandrois. When using SeaView in a published work, please cite:

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