leBIBI QBPP                    Quick BioInformatic Phylogeny of Prokaryotes - QBPP v 1.1               


SSU/LSU leBIBI_DB: The number of representative sequences imposes -in many cases - to ask for a large number of sequence selection for a decent phylogeny. Please run another task with an higher number if necessary. Concerning the 'lax' and 'stringent' DB, the need of a high number of selected sequences is mandatory to get the good phylogeny.

leBIBI_DB for CDS: an increase of the number of selected sequences may be also necessary, especially when using the lax DB
Input data: one or several sequences QUERY: one sequence OR a list of sequences in fasta format (mandatory)
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Results will not be conserved for more than 8 hours, if needed please upload your working directory by using the "Want to download compacted output files ?" link