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For the impatient The MUBII engine is a set of programs to identify antibiotic resistance mutations using nucleic acid sequences
MUBII-TB is the database of mutations leading to antibiotic resistance and their corresponding reconstructed sequences for Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
Press the button [Run and wait] to use the default settings using a test sequence and see what happens

Why do we need such a web site
  • Tuberculosis is a bacterial infectious disease due to Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
  • It remains a major health threat, killing over a million people every year, worldwide.
  • An early antibiotic therapy is the basis of the treatment.
  • The emergence and spread of multidrug and extensively drug-resistant mutant strains raise significant challenges for the patients and others.
  • As these bacteria grow very slowly, the detection of drug resistance mutations is currently done by using molecular biology. Resistance mutations are identified by sequencing of the resistance-linked genes, followed by comparison with literature data.
  • The only online database is TBDReaMDB, but it requires mutation detection before use, and its interrogation is complex because we website is not interactive.
  • The same problem occurs for some other bacteria like Mycobacterium leprae the agent of lepra

Some more explanations
  • Choosing your database
    • The only database concern M. tuberculosis resistance to antibiotics, other databases will come
    • MUBII-TB is a structured database of the mutations occurring in seven loci (select one) of major therapeutic value for tuberculosis management.
  • Try with your data
    • Copy the sequences (in fasta format) in the "Query" section.
    • You can try with any of the reference sequences (see the lateral menu in the query form))
    • OR
    • Press the button [Run and wait] to use the default settings using a test sequence
    • This is a way to test MUBII (useful if MUBII does not work well with your submission)
    • You get the results of the computation in the next window
How it works
  • The database
    • A highly structured, simple text-based database, contains a description of the mutations (DNA and proteins) toward antibiotic resistance for a given species of bacteria (for instance the MUBII-TB-DB concern Mycobacterium tuberculosisand seven loci: rpoB, pncA, katG; mabA(fabG1)-inhA, gyrA, gyrB, rrs.
    • Resistance mutation data are extracted after systematic review of MEDLINE referenced publications.
  • MUBII is the tool that analyses the query sequence obtained by PCR-sequencing
    • A BLAST search is done against a set of previously reconstructed mutated sequences;
    • Alignment of the query sequences (DNA and its protein translation) is done against the wild-type sequences.
    • The post-treatment includes the extraction of the aligned sequences together with their descriptors (position and nature of mutations).
    • The whole process is done on the web. The results are graphs (alignments) and text (description of the mutation, therapeutic significance).
    • A printed result may be generated.
    • Moreover, the system provides interpretation in biological and therapeutic terms and can evolve by the addition of newly described mutations.
    • Its interest is to give an easy and comprehensive access to an up-to-date database of mutations leading to the resistance of bacteria (for instance M. tuberculosis) to antibiotics through a client-server model over the web.
    • The system is rapid and easy to use, even by people without bioinformatics formation.