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Three websites are hosted on this webserver
  • The leBIBI family: phylogeny of the prokaryotes based on single genes.
    BIBI IV This web-engine is designed to reconstruct the phylogeny of an Archaea or a Bacteria from its nucleic acid sequence (the submission of batches of sequences is also possible).
    leBIBI legacy As concern SSU-rDNA (16S), BIBI IV replace this obsolete ancestor. The Quick Bioinformatic Phylogeny of Prokaryotes remains on line as long as the programs works in the server environment BUT NOT for 16S. The DB are frozen at mk34.
    leBIBI-PPF For constructions of SSU-rDNA based phylogenies of Prokaryotes on the fly. Some of its functions are included in BIBI IV via the "#genus_name" query.
  • RiboDB:RiboDB v.3.0 : a prokaryotic ribosomal proteins DataBase.
    Query interface RiboDB v.2 contains nucleic and protein sequences of ribosomal proteins from:
         • all bacterial and archaeal genomes from RefSeq and GenBank (more than 150.000 genomes). Worth noticing, "highly populated species" (i.e species with more that 1,000 genome sequences in RefSeq) are represented only by the RefSeq representative strains and a sample of th genomes.
  • MUBII Detection of mutations toward resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis from a sequence (Sanger or Sanger-like)
    MUBII tuberculosis
    Note that this website is not evolving currently. Its approach is old-fashionned and as it is written in python3, the website is obsolete.
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