Research areas   


Construction of databases dedicated to the study of Archaea and Bacteria phylogeny.

Bioinformatics tools

Webtools to query and use databases.

Other research

Microbial risk during human space flight, ancient climates and non-conventionnal microbiology.

Two flagship projects

BIBI-DB BIBI-DB is a taxonomy-hierarchized set of databasesand oriented to facilitate the phylogeny of Archaea and Bacteria. Thanks to a web interface it allows the phylogenetic placement of unknown nucleic acid sequences (this may precede identification). RiboDB is a ribosomal protein database of Bacteria and Archaea freely searchable via the Internet


leBIBI is a web application used worldwide to identify bacteria in hospital laboratories, industrial, environmental.
The leBIBI and RiboDB databases are useful to classify more rigorously the Bacteria and Archaea and may highlight new pathogen species. Their use helps to explain the evolution of the microbial world. RiboDB will allow to improve the quality of diagnosis of infections.

Scientific proximal Ecosystem

Céline Brochier

RiboDB team initiator
RiboDB engine algorithms

Frédéric Jauffrit

RiboDB construction engine creator and database set-up

Manolo Gouy

BibiDB construction engine associated API

Guy Perrière


Jean-Philippe Charrier

RiboDB, proteomic side

Damien De Vienne

Automation of phylogenies

Bénédicte Lafay


Stéphane Delmotte

RiboDB and leBibi server set-up and management

Simon Penel

RiboDB engine management

Patrice Chablain

Industrial microbiology

Sylvie Reverchon

WGS with nanopore ONT

Jean-Philippe Rasigade

Antibiotics Resistance-linked genes

Christophe Lécuyer

δO18 in ancient and recent biology

Romain Amiot

δO18 in ancient and recent biology